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This was utterly delicious! I loved the power play between them. Pam was at her snarky, seductive best, and Sookie was unexpectedly impressive. I was just as impressed with her by the end as Pam was. And of course it was monumentally hot!

You captured their personalities perfectly...which is something I'm really picky about when it comes to fics XD; Like...it needs to be believable.
And this definitely was <3

oooh wow. i quite enjoyed this - i found pam's voice to be particularly perfect. *fans self* very, very nice.

I love this as much as I love veryneatm0nster's icon

I enjoyed this! Pam's disinterest was a great hook, and I liked their competition throughout.

Yum. There's really not enough Pam/Sookie in the world.

What a great resource!

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