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FIC: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: No Unnecessary Parts
urban_folk_girl wrote in femslashheaven

Fandom: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Title: No Unnecessary Parts
NC-17 for kink, BDSM & explicit sex
PWP, Cameron, an offering, and a question of humanity


Sarah gave the picture a quick second-hand glance before slipping it wordlessly into her dresser drawer to join the growing stack accumulated there.

Five days ago she had cocked her head curiously before casually tossing aside that first night’s offering - a vintage newspaper clipping of a child encased in a large iron lung chamber in the 1950s.

Tonight, even as she stuffed it into her drawer she couldn’t stop herself from scanning the words and pictures on the page, an article on developing Brain-Chip Interface technology advancements coming to the aid of paralysis and stroke victims in Great Britain.

The point was inescapable, as inescapable as the clippings that had appeared on her pillow every night over the last week. Humankind has entertained a long courtship with bio-mechanical technologies. From the primitive, the heavy iron lung chambers and eventual upright chest encasements, to prosthetic limbs, cochlear implants, and the cutting edge BCI implants and pacemakers. Cameron could not have made the point any plainer if she had rented a billboard: a human dependent on a machine for life, for human aspects… hearing, moving, speaking, breathing, is still a human.

Sarah had not directly laid eyes on the girl since she had beaten her five days prior. John had not been home, and while he understood something had transpired between them, Cameron certainly did not have any lasting bruises to nurse and John was left in the dark, worrying over her chilly reception toward his efforts at peacemaking.

Sarah closed the drawer, briefly wondering to herself why she was keeping the clippings rather than throwing them away.

She was unsuprised, but also unhappy to see Cameron standing in the doorway of her bedroom when she turned around.

“You have avoided me this week. “

“I’ve had work to do,” Sarah replied curtly.

“Usually, I help. You avoided asking me.”

“I don’t have time to babysit you and it isn’t my job to assign you busywork.”

Cameron stared at her. “You feel awkward about what happened.”

It wasn’t an accusation, but Sarah couldn’t stop the shame from rising inside her. She pushed it back down, pulling a laundry basket from the corner, going through the motions of putting clothes away so as to not have to face the conversation in progress.

“I don’t feel awkward, Sarah.”

Sarah’s movements became increasingly jerky as she slammed clothes around the bedroom, her exaggerated movements belying her even tone of voice.

“Enough, Cameron. This isn’t a soap opera, and it isn’t necessary. I got angry, I lost my temper. I’m human. It happens, and you’re clearly not any worse for the wear and tear. Get over it. I already am.”

“That isn’t true, that you already are,” Cameron stated quietly. “That isn’t true, and that’s not what happened.”

Sarah stopped, finally looking up from her dresser, turning toward the girl, incredulous, her voice hard as she confronted the robot girl across the room.

“What is it, exactly, that you think happened?”

Cameron looked at her, gaze steady, open.

“You wanted to engage in sexual behavior with me, but you hurt me instead.”

Sarah started, surprised by the girl’s response. A hundred ways to answer flickered through her mind, but she surprised herself when she finally spoke, not denying the girl’s assessment.

“Did I hurt you? I mean, did it hurt?”


“Why didn’t you stop me?”

“I would never hurt you.”


“You are my… hero.”

Sarah rolled her eyes.

Cameron stepped closer to her, holding her eye contact.

“A hero can be defined as one who is endowed with great courage and strength and noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life.”

“Yes, I know what the word hero means.”

“Why did you not take my statement seriously?”

“I’m a lousy hero. Just focus on the mission and don’t try and think for yourself,” Sarah said, exasperation tinging her voice.

Cameron stepped closer to her still, reaching out and taking her arm to emphasize the truth behind her words.

She waited, holding Sarah’s arm lightly, until the older woman met her eyes.

“You’re a very good hero. John told me you were the strongest, best fighter he knew, and he was right. I have seen many fighters. You are the best.”

Sarah pulled away from her. “Look. I don’t need you to stroke my ego, I don’t need you to do what you think is right, I don’t need you to admire me. I just need you to do as you’re told and leave me alone.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow, looking at Sarah inquisitively.

“You hit me because I didn’t do what I was told?”

“I was angry with you, yes. I shouldn’t have hit you. I’m sorry.”

She was apologizing to a machine. A machine. A machine. This is not a girl.

“Did you feel satisfied after?”

“What the hell kind of question is that?”

“Satisfied. Sated. Did it help to alleviate your tension?”

“Christ, I don’t know. Just do what you’re told and stay out of my way from now on.”

“This conversation is making you angry. Do you need to hit me again?”

Sarah looked at her. She was gazing steadily at her, expressionless. Waiting.

“I don’t want to hit you, Cameron.” Sarah felt the growing tension in her body even as she said the words.

“That statement is false. Do you need me to do something bad so that you can hit me?”

“You haven’t done anything wrong, I’m not angry with you, you just need to go away.”

“You are angry, and I am not doing what I am told. Your heart rate is elevated. Your muscles are tense and your stance is growing aggressive. You want to hurt me. I will let you.”

“Cameron.” Sarah’s voice was low and angry. “I’m warning you.”

“Warning me of what?”

Sarah exhaled, hard. She felt her anger bubbling dangerously close to the surface again. She stared at the girl. Felt her fists balling. Felt angry that she was only a 34 year old woman charged with saving the world. Felt angry that the girl in front of her was not really a girl, and she should not really be feeling about her the way she did. Betrayed. Aroused. Needy.

“Warning me of what?” Cameron asked again, her tone flat with the slightest hint of petulance. Whomever programmed her must have had a teenage girl of their own.

Sarah balled her fists at her sides.

“Warning you that if you don’t stop talking and walk out of here right now I’m going to lose this temper that I’m trying so hard to hold in check every fucking day of the week.”

“What will you do to me then?”

She’s provoking me. Dear god, she’s provoking me to it. Sarah closed her eyes and imagined beating the girl again. Imagined taking off her belt this time, punishing her like so many cowboy movies, whipping her around the room and shouting at knowing her place. Imagined Cameron, screaming and huddling against the wall, crying out with each blow and promising to do better. Imagined tossing down the belt and fucking her up against the wall, telling her she was a good girl, Sarah’s girl. Except this was not a cowboy movie, and Cameron was not a scrappy saloon girl with a sassy mouth and an affection for rough around the edges cowboys. And Sarah was certainly no cowboy.

She opened her eyes. Somewhere in her train of thought, she had stepped closer into Cameron’s space, so close she was nose to nose with the girl, breathing heavily. Cameron looked into her eyes, flickers of fear clouding her steady gaze. Sarah wondered what she feared. The pain. The disapproval. Abandonment. Her own growing humanity.

“Hurt me again,” Cameron whispered.

It was all she needed.

Sarah placed her hand across Cameron’s breastbone, pausing for a second to caress it gently with her thumb before shoving the girl backwards into the wall, hard.

“You like it when I hurt you? “

“Yes,” Cameron breathed softly.

Sarah slapped her across the face with her open palm, as hard as she could. Cameron stared at the floor as Sarah watched the angry red imprint of her palm rising across the girls’ cheek.

Sarah grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her back in the wall, pressing her face in close to Cameron’s.

“You feel it when I hurt you?”


“What do you feel?”


She slapped the girl again, across the same cheek, feeling her own wetness pool at the sound of the loud crack of skin on skin.

“How did that feel?”

“It hurt,” Cameron whispered.

“Why do you want me to hurt you? “ Sarah was shouting now. She shook her again. “What do you want from me?”

“I want,” Cameron stuttered as her head rocked back into the wall behind her.

Sarah slapped her again

“What do you want? What?!!” Sarah tangled her fist in the silky fine hair at the base of Cameron’s neck, pulling hard as the girl was wrenched to her knees, her large brown eyes gazing up at her, round as saucers.

“Your attention,” Cameron choked, her voice quiet and small.

Sarah reeled, as if she were the one slapped.

She stepped backwards and looked at the girl-machine-thing in front of her, Sarah’s marks marring her skin as a separate flush crept up the girls’ neck. Sarah could smell her own arousal between them, arousal that pushed down her shame at what she was doing, at what she was becoming, at her own fall from humanity.

“Take off your belt,” Sarah demanded, her voice low and dangerous as she pulled Cameron back to her feet and back into he wall. “Now.”

Cameron held Sarah’s gaze as she complied, slowly unbuttoning her belt and snaking it out from her belt loops and off her waist, eyes never leaving Sarah’s.

Sarah yanked the belt from her hands. “Your pants, down. Down around your knees,”

Cameron’s eyes tracked every move Sarah made as she took the belt and doubled it in her hand.

“NOW,” Sarah demanded, stepping up and slapping Cameron’s hands away from her waist for moving too slowly, wrenching open the button on her denims, ignoring the fact that it popped off in her haste. She pressed her body into Cameron’s, pressing her cheek against the girl’s as she tugged her jeans and panties down over her hips, down to the girl’s knees. She kicked at Cameron’s left foot, causing the girl to spread her legs as far as her jeans would allow.

Sarah stepped back to look at Cameron, poised again the wall, her palms pressed into it, pants down and sex exposed, watching Sarah with the slightest hint of curiosity and anticipation. Sarah wondered if it was hard for her to keep her fighting instinct down, to play the damsel in this game.

“From now on,” Sarah growled, winding the belt around her hand and pulling it taut as she stepped back from her waiting charge, “you will do WHAT I tell you,”

She lashed the belt forward, snapping it to curl around the girl’s hip and lash her buttock with the tip. Cameron’s flinch rippled through her body, but she made no sound, keeping her palms pressed down against the wall behind her and watching Sarah with wide eyes.

“…WHEN I tell you,” Sarah continued, flicking the belt to bite into the girl again and noting with satisfaction the hot red welts rising against Cameron’s pale skin.

“…WITHOUT question. Nothing MORE,” Sarah rallied, snapping and snaking the belt around the girl’s hips and buttocks to emphasize each word. Cameron was breathing hard, her body jerking with each hit but she remained silent, her hands flat against the wall, eyes wide and frightened.

Sarah tossed down the belt, pressing her body into Cameron’s, wrapping her left fist in the girl’s hair as she ran her right hand down the smooth skin of Cameron’s stomach and pushing it between her legs, cupping her dripping cunt.

Cameron gasped, wrapping her arms around Sarah’s neck and pushing her face into Sarah’s collarbone, inhaling deeply and allowing herself to be taken by the older woman.

“Say it,” Sarah demanded, fingers parting Cameron’s lips to stroke her clit as she pressed herself harder into the girl.

“I will do what I’m told…” Cameron groaned, her knees wobbling as she felt Sarah’s slick fingers teasing her. “…when I’m told…” she cried, as Sarah inserted one and then two fingers and began to pump between her legs, hard.

“…do what you’re told…” Sarah rasped, yanking hard against the girl, bucking her body against the wall, rubbing her face in Cameron’s hair and pulling and tangling it in her fist as she fucked her, hard. “…what you’re told, when I tell you…” she breathed.

“…without question, Sarah, I’ll do whatever I’m told for you…” Cameron gasped, feeling sensations growing too big for her body, feeling she would collapse in on herself as Sarah raised her knee and began to grind it in her groin in time with her pumping fingers.

Cameron’s orgasm rocked through her body, her fingers grasping tightly around Sarah, tight enough to bruise although neither of them cared in the moment, tight enough to cause Sarah to cry out in pain and arousal before Cameron lost her strength and slid down the wall. Sarah slid down the wall with her, legs splayed as Cameron flopped in a pile between them, resting her head on Sarah’s inner thigh and wrapping her arms around her leg as a child would a teddy bear.

Sarah leaned her head back against the wall, closing her eyes and running long strands of Cameron’s hair between her fingers, stroking the girl affectionately, absentmindedly.

Sarah breathed steadily, enjoying the weight of the girl on her thigh, the feel of another body against hers, the sound of the quiet.

After a few moments, Cameron spoke.

“Did I please you?”

Sarah looked down at her.

“You don’t know the answer to that question?”

“I smell you. I smell your arousal. I know you enjoyed hurting me, fucking me,”

Sarah raised an eyebrow at the girl’s language as she continued.

“…but I would like to know from you. I would…like…hearing.” Cameron’s voice was small, smaller than Sarah had ever heard it.

“You pleased me, tin miss,” Sarah said softly, her mind drifting back to Cameron’s clippings, to the line between human and machine and where it is drawn when the two are blended.

“Sarah?” Cameron whispered, a smile on her lips.

Sarah glanced down at the girl, who was turning her body and crawling closer to Sarah’s own sex, her fingers grazing the zipper of Sarah’s jeans, her face inches from Sarah’s crotch.

“I can please you even more…” she whispered, waiting for Sarah’s slight nod before deftly unzipping her pants and opening her mouth to Sarah’s damp curls…




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Um, wow. I think I just died a little bit.

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