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Fic: Human-Girl, (True Blood, Pam/Sookie) Femslash Ficathon 2010
urban_folk_girl wrote in femslashheaven
 Title: Human-Girl
Author: urban_folk_girl 
Recipient: _bellisima 
Fandom: True Blood
Pairing: Pam/Sookie
Rating: R
Word count: 3,144
Author's Note: Written for Femslash Ficathon 2010. I love the banter, but I’m terrible at sex scenes, which is where this went! Sorry in advance if sexy = fail.
Summary: Eric & Bill travel to Louisiana on a mission. Sookie is left with Pam at Fangtasia.


Pam is used to ignoring impetuous behavior. Dealing with the steady stream of… playthings… Eric filters through the bar requires a certain finesse. And she has finesse.

She sits at her desk in the finance office at the back of Fangtasia working on the monthly expense and inventory logs.  She ignores both the muffled thrum of the club and the human, who came huffing into the office 15 minutes ago and settled, uninvited and unceremoniously, into the waistcot chair by the door.

Pam hasn’t turned to acknowledge or address her, but both are aware of the other’s presence. Even if the girl wasn’t impatiently huffing every two minutes in a childish bid for attention, Pam would know she was there… would smell her, deodorant and sweat and pheromones mingled beneath the gaudy perfumes of her hygiene products. Humans have never understood subtlety. Pam was annoyed by this when she was human, and even more so now that she isn’t.

She resents babysitting.

She resents that Bill Compton has involved them all in the drama that seems to surround and fester around this human.  That he has dragged her maker across the South on what could only be described as a suicide mission and left the human with her for safekeeping is more than she can tolerate. Worse still is their insistence that she have free roam of the place, instead of being locked in the basement as Pam would prefer.

Pam will obey her maker’s instructions, but babysitting need not extend to entertaining.

She appreciates that the human appears to understand this, and has not been so bold as to actually speak or interrupt her work, despite her nettling breathing. Either she knows better or feels intimidated – Pam doesn’t know which, but is fine with both. She finds this human quite impetuous, and is continually surprised by how Bill Compton and her maker both seem drawn to her coquettish ways.

“I don’t have to stay here,” the human says at last, huffing as if Pam will argue the point.

“Go then,” Pam says coolly, not looking up from the ledgers spread out on the desk in front of her.

“I mean, it isn’t like I’m a child, it isn’t like Eric is my father,” Sookie huffs, a challenge in her voice.

“You should be so lucky,” Pam says in a bored tone, still not turning around.

“I just mean he isn’t my… I mean, I’m not even his - I’m Bill’s,” Sookie says in exasperation. “I don’t have to listen to him.”

Pam arches an eyebrow. Apparently, this human resents having a babysitter as much as she resents babysitting. Even so, her behavior is repugnant. Pam would never pout and take such a whining tone about matters related to Eric.

She continues to focus on her work.

Sookie is even more annoyed by this.

“And why didn’t they take you on their little mission?” She says, goading the vampire. “I would think you’d be just as irritated by their ridiculous boys-only attitudes. I mean aren’t you even offended?”

Pam purses her lips.

“They didn’t take me because unlike you, I have responsibilities. This is a business, human, and it doesn’t manage itself. Eric trusts me to protect our livelihood. It’s of no concern to me that your duties seem to extend no further than whether table two or five ordered the onion rings.”

Sookie gapes at her, speechless in her anger.

“What’s more,” Pam continues, “is that you don’t seem to be able to consistently manage even those duties, to hear Sam Merlotte tell it.” She smiles a devilish smile at the change she can sense in the other woman across the room, the tension of her posture, the flush of anger pumping blood faster through her veins. “It’s no wonder Bill Compton doesn’t trust you with more to do than be tended like a wayward child.”

“You take that back!” Sookie spits, standing up angrily. “I’m only in this mess because of my interest in taking care of YOUR kind – my interest in protecting YOUR rights!”

Pam sighs a condescending sigh.

“What do they see in you, human girl?” she asks coolly, at last swiveling in her chair and giving Sookie her full attention.

The human looks taken aback… insulted.

“My name is Sookie.”

“I know your name. It just doesn’t interest me.”

“It interests Eric,” Sookie flashes back.

Pam rolls her eyes.

“Jealousy is so pedestrian,” she says in a bored tone.

“Why don’t you like me?” Sookie asks after a moment, frowning and slumping back down in her seat.

Pam leans back in her chair, crosses her legs and adjusts her pink pillbox hat. She stares intently at Sookie, who flushes under her gaze.

“It bothers you doesn’t it, human?” Pam asks her, drawing out her words in her most seductive purr. “My disinterest? That you’re not the belle of every ball? That not every vampire you meet throws themselves at your feet and drools for your attention… or better… your sweet blood? You’re disappointed that I’m not like the boys?”

Sookie looks indignant but says nothing.

Pam rolls her chair closer to the human, looking her up and down more closely.

“Would you like that, human? If I did? If I fawned over the great Sookie Stackhouse? If I sidled up to you and bat my eyes and flattered you with ridiculously false notions of your importance? Would that make you more… comfortable?”

Pam can see beads of sweat in Sookie’s hair, wetting the fine soft fuzz at her temple, dripping down the nape of her neck. Her face is flushed and hot, possibly from embarrassment, possibly from the temperature of the club… vampires don’t need air conditioning.

Pam draws her chair closer still to the blonde. Sookie kicks her feet nervously against the chair.

“Stop that,” Pam scolds. “It’s older than your grandmother.”

Sookie stills herself under Pam’s gaze, meeting her eyes.

“You can’t glamour me,” Sookie says defiantly, after a moment of intense eye contact between them.

“I’m not,” Pam replies silkily, not moving, not breaking her gaze upon the smaller woman. “Is Bill Compton so boring that he has forgone even the ways of seduction?”

“You’re seducing me?” Sookie retorts, her voice going up an octave with a disbelieving laugh. “Don’t bother. You can’t do that, either.”

“I already have. What is seduction but captivating someone? Winning and holding their attention? How long have you been sitting here with me, human, not being seduced?”

“Conversation isn’t seduction,” Sookie says, petulance lacing her voice.

Pam continues to stare at her, the slightest smirk crossing her features. She says nothing.

Dating is seduction,” Sookie shoots at her. “Romance. Something someone as… slutty as you can’t possibly know anything about.”

Pam snorts. “You are Bill Compton’s, aren’t you? The perfect naïve human girl for his naïve old fashioned ways. Did he go to your house and ask your grandmother permission to take you courting? Did he call you a lady?” Pam’s voice drips with sarcasm. “No wonder he doesn’t mate with his own kind. There aren’t any of us left who will fall for that 18th century banality.”

“Leave Bill ALONE,” Sookie shouts, sounding angry.

Pam raises an eyebrow. “Interesting,” she says with a predatory grin. “Quaint, even.”

“He could certainly teach you a thing or two about seduction,” Sookie retorts, disgusted. “Because if this is your method I can tell you that you suck at it.”

Pam is on her before she can blink, their chairs suddenly overlapping, Pam leaning up into Sookie’s space, inches from her face, her hands gripping down on either arm of her chair effectively trapping her in her spot.

“I can seduce anyone,” Pam oozes. “Even the great and mysterious Sookie Stackhouse.”

Sookie looks her squarely in the eye, waiting, breathing steadily, fluttering Pam’s hair inches away from her face.

Pam pauses, amused and secretly pleased that this human isn’t backing down from her. Perhaps there is something to all the fuss about her.

She leans even closer, placing a knee on the seat of Sookie’s chair and shifting her weight to close the gap when she moves her right hand from the arm of the chair.

Never breaking Sookie’s eye contact, she reaches forward and grazes her fingers across the button of Sookie’s shorts.

Sookie doesn’t move, doesn’t break eye contact either.

Lightning fast, Pam has undone Sookie’s shorts.

She slides her hand under the shorts between Sookie’s legs.

Sookie’s eyes widen.

When Pam’s fingers enter her, she gasps, goosebumps breaking out across her arms.

Pam smirks as, within moments, Sookie begins to roll her hips against the contact, breath hitching.

“Cat got your tongue, human?” Pam purrs, pushing closer into Sookie’s space, so close their lips hover centimeters apart, nearly brushing as Sookie squirms under her, eyes lidded with want.

“Sookie,” Sookie whispers in a breathy voice. “You can call me… Sookie.”

Pam grins.

“Fine…” she replies airily, severing the contact between them by withdrawing her fingers abruptly.

She makes a show of wiping them on her pencil skirt before reclining nonchalantly back in her chair.

“Don’t -“ Sookie whines, but stops herself, clipping off the sentence and gazing steadily at Pam, a hungry expression on her face.

Pam laughs.

“Don’t what?” she coos, crossing her legs lazily and pretending to study her nails.

This time Sookie grins at her, cat-like and knowing.

“Don’t…” Sookie leans forward, getting and holding Pam’s eyes.

“Stop…” She scoots up on her chair, reaching her foot out to hook around the leg of Pam’s and inch their chairs still closer together.

“ …Seducing me,” she finishes in a breathy, low voice.

Pam raises an eyebrow and breaks into a grin as Sookie leans close up on her, invading her space, leaning in and in and in until it is Sookie’s eyes gazing into Pam’s, Sookie’s mouth floating inches above hers.

“You are interesting. For a human,” Pam concedes, looking up and down Sookie’s body up on hers and teasing her lips against Sookie’s mouth.

Sookie places her arms on Pam’s chair as Pam had done moments before. She crawls up on top of the taller woman, placing her knees on the seat of the chair on either side of Pam’s thighs and settling herself on Pam’s lap.

Pam runs her hands down Sookie’s thighs, steadying her. She thinks how Sookie’s body is soft, pliable, giving. Warm.

Not altogether unpleasant.

“You. Don’t. Know. Anything. About me,” Sookie whispers, her hands glazing across Pam’s chest, stopping over the buttons of her sweater set and hovering there. “But I’m not the naïve virgin bride you think I am, and I do give as well as I get.”

“A challenge, human?”

“A promise,” Sookie retorts, fire in her voice.

Pam is out of the chair in seconds, bringing Sookie with her across the room and pushing her up against the wall in the blink of an eye.

Sookie loses her breath at the impact of her back against the hard wall, but quickly recovers and wraps her legs around Pam’s waist, wraps her arms around Pam’s neck, looking in her eyes hungrily.

“You know what I think?” Pam says, her voice going low and dangerous as she grips Sookie’s ass in one hand and runs a hand up her shirt with the other.

“I think Bill Compton is a boring man, from a boring, bleak time who only ever fucked his boring, virginal wife who didn’t know any better than to be happy with the missionary position. I think Bill Compton is a boring lover who doesn’t much bother with the foreplay, and I don’t think you know any better either.”

“Is that so?” Sookie says breathlessly, leaning back her head and baring her throat at Pam, tempting, teasing. “What are you going to do about it then?”

“I’m going to fuck you,” Pam breathes. “I’m going to fuck you and I’m not going to be ladylike about it. I’m going to fuck you like a woman should be fucked, human, and there won’t be anything boring about it.”

She shakes her head to drop her fangs and bares them in close to Sookie’s exposed throat, grazing the points over pale, thin skin.

Sookie moans at the scraping, writhing her hips against Pam’s body.

“Know… what… I think…?” Sookie gasps as Pam squeezes her nipple and simultaneously nips her neck, the points of her fangs digging in deep enough to leave an impression but not deep enough to break the skin.

Before Pam can answer, she has twisted Sookie’s nipple harder and nipped again in a new spot, immediately covering it with her mouth and sucking, hard, at Sookie’s moans.

Sookie feels the blood rushing to the surface, feels the blood pooling under her skin at what will be a grand hickey later, if Pam doesn’t puncture there, drain and suck it away first.

“I think…” Sookie pants, “that you’re… standing there… in your pink sweater set… telling me… you’re not a lady…” She groans loudly as she feels the first piercing of Pam’s fangs against her neck with a particularly hard bite. She digs her fingers into the skin at Pam’s shoulderblades, racking her nails down her back and momentarily burying her head in Pam’s collarbone.

Pam stops nipping a moment and rubs her face into Sookie’s hair as the smaller woman nuzzles her.

“You were saying?” Pam taunts in that same silky voice.

“I was saying…” Sookie says, not looking up from Pam’s collarbone but rubbing her hands beneath Pam’s shirt, bringing them up and down Pam’s smooth, cool back. “that you’re standing there in your sweater sets and Jackie-O outfit working so hard to tell me that you’re no lady, trying to be Ms. Badass Vampire with your dirty talk and your pushy ways…”

“Mmm hmmm…” Pam coos, raising an eyebrow and licking, ever so lightly, at the slow bead of blood that repeatedly forms at the spot where she pierced Sookie’s skin.

“I think it’s all an act,” Sookie breathes in her ear, clinging hard to Pam’s back and running her own mouth up Pam’s neck. “I think…” she says, nipping her own teeth at the taut, cold skin there. “…your whole slutty controlling bullshit is just an act because so far you’ve never been able to find anyone who could take. You. On.”

Pam shoves Sookie back into the wall again and shoots her hand up to grip Sookie’s neck, pushing her head back far into the wall.

Sookie looks down at her, holding her gaze, unflinching.

“And you think you can, human girl?” Pam taunts, licking her lips and eying the bead of blood on Sookie’s neck, watching as it beads fatter and fatter until, too heavy to hold its shape, drips a fast rivulet down Sookie’s clavicle.

“I know I can,” Sookie taunts right back. “You may be faster, and stronger, but I am NOT afraid of you.”

“You should be,” Pam whispers, ducking her head and lolling her tongue out of her mouth to catch the tip of the blood drip, then gliding it slow up Sookie’s skin until it’s gone, licking her lips.

“Prove it,” Sookie challenges.

Pam dives down onto her skin, puncturing her neck for real this time. Sookie cries out in pain, but her cries change tone just as fast when Pam reaches beneath her shorts again and penetrates her with first two, then three fingers, squeezing and thrusting as she sucks at Sookie’s neck.

Sookie rubs and grinds against Pam’s hand, throws her head back and further bares her throat to Pam’s teeth and allows herself to be ravaged for 30 seconds… 60.

“NO!” she says then, bringing her hand between them and pushing hard against Pam to throw her off.

Pam is momentarily caught off guard and lifts her head up, looking at Sookie with a devilish grin in her eye, the lightest trickle of Sookie’s blood gracing the corner of her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” Pam says. “Struggle more…”

She dives back down on Sookie’s skin, opening a puncture in a spot right below the first.

“I said NO!” Sookie says, shoving Pam off her again.

“What?” Pam says, dropping her unceremoniously. “Is this your thing, fang-tease?” She runs a finger up to the corner of her mouth and wipes at the blood there and then frowns as she puts her finger in her mouth, savoring the last drops.

“Oh, I like to tease,” Sookie says, dropping to her knees in front of Pam. “But not with blood.”

Pam looks down, pleasantly surprised. “Hungry, human?” she asks in a nonchalant voice.

“You didn’t think you would be the only one of us who gets to eat, did you?” Sookie drawls. She places a hand over Pam’s stomach and pushes her lightly.

Pam allows herself to be shoved, relaxing her body into the chair behind her.

Sookie crawls forward between her legs and reaches up to hike Pam’s pink tweed up around her waist.

Pam runs her fingers down through Sookie’s hair, settling a hand at the base of her neck.

She takes her other finger and dabs at the still beading puncture on Sookie’s neck before taking it into her mouth to suck, an appetizer.

“As you like, human girl,” Pam says nonchalantly, her grin belying her bored tone. She is pleased – far more than she would have predicted.

When Sookie’s mouth takes her, she briefly thinks that Bill Compton and Eric and the Queen might just be on to something in their endless pursuit of this logic defying human… and then she doesn’t think anything at all.

Sookie’s mouth is warm, and wet, and soft. It’s been a long time since Pam felt anything warm there, and to be covered in Sookie’s heat is more blissful than she remembered. She arches into the heat, into the feeling and moans.

Sookie takes this as a positive sign and continues her attentions, doubling the intensity until Pam is writhing beneath her… until she is jumping and clawing and groaning…

…until she comes.

Sookie leans back, satisfied.

She brings her arm up to her face and wipes at her mouth with the back of her wrist.

She looks at Pam with a smug, triumphant expression.

Pam looks back at her, cocking an eyebrow.

“Well done, human,” she breathes, still recovering.

“Well done, Sookie,” Sookie says back, grinning.

Pam gives her a long, impressed stare.

Well done. Sookie,” she says slyly, nodding her head slightly in acceptance.

Seconds later, she is on her.

Appetizers are all right, but Pam has always liked the main course best.


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Yum. There's really not enough Pam/Sookie in the world.

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