Apocalyptothon 07, Fic: The Nine Stages, Lost, gen
Title: The Nine Stages
Author: Julie (Urban_Folk_Girl)
Fandom: Lost
Rating: R
Pairing: Gen
Warnings: Massive character death
Recipient: Mouseykins1
Request: "Hey, if you've lived on Craphole Island for half a year, surviving the end of the world shouldn't be too hard, right?" "Whatever you say, James." (Any pairing as long as there's no Jack/Kate.)
Notes: UBER LATE SUBMISSION, but written for Apocalyptothon 07. Goes a little off the show's timeline, in that is assumes the castaways have spent 10ish years on the island. Not sure if this is quite in line with the request, but this is where my muse took me.  Sorry it's so late!

Hurley called it temporary rooming arrangements. Sayid called it a processing center. Kate and Sawyer exchanged knowing glances and called it for what it was: a cell.Collapse )

Femslash 07, Fic: Interlopers, Veronica Mars, Veronica/Jackie
Title: Interlopers
Author: Julie (Urban_Folk_Girl)
Recipient: ijemanja
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Pairing: Veronica/Jackie
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3800
Disclaimer: Characters property of Rob Thomas. No infringement intended.
Summary: Veronica meets Jackie in New York while on her high school graduation trip. Mild spoilers through 2x22.

Veronica would be hard pressed to say if it was curiosity or cruelty motivating this pilgrimage.Collapse )

Multiplicity, or: Five Kisses in the Life of Niki Sanders
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Niki/Jessica
Title: Multiplicity, or: Five Kisses in the Life of Niki Sanders
Author: Julie
Disclaimer: Incest. Don’t own the characters or show.
Notes: Assumes Jessica has moments of being corporeal, just before and after the transitions, sometimes, as in 1.11 in the woods. Had to wank a little with the transitions, as we’re still in the dark about the mechanics of their power.

Jessica is going to make her choose. Niki knows this as sure as she knows the sky is blue.Collapse )

FIC: Big Love: "Marked"
Fandom: Big Love
Pairing: Sarah/Heather
Title: Marked
Author: Julie
Rating: PG
Summary: First kiss, Sarah & Heather, takes place shorty after the bathtub scene between Sarah & Lois in "Easter" (ep. 8)in which they discuss their individuality and feeling "marked."

This heat was the kind that could not be wished away, or prayed away, and especially not hidden away.Collapse )

Getting Started
I confess to being a novice at navigating the waters of livejournal. Blogger is typically my online home, but I've set up camp here with the knowledge that livejournal is the lifeblood of internet fiction communities. Apologies for the lack of frills (such as snappy icons, flowery banners, stylistic pages, etc). I hope to make up for the plain atmosphere by playing host to great fic. Consider this the Jane Eyre of fic communities. This community would probably have mousy brown hair and be described as plucky if it were a fic heroine.

Anyway, please feel free to drop a comment introducing yourself, the pairings you ship, and post some fic. I'll be starting with a little of my own. I like writing, but I really really really love reading. Recs are welcome, links are welcome, stories are welcome.

Let's get it going!

My ships...

Big Love: Sarah/Heather, Nikki/Barb
China Beach: K.C./McMurphy
Fried Green Tomatoes: Idgie/Ruth
Iron Jawed Angels: Alice/Lucy
Rent: Mimi/Angel
SVU/Gilmore Girls: Alex/Lorelei
Gilmore Girls/Rent: Lorelei/Mimi (in the Stars Hollow universe)
Buffy: Buffy/Tara, Faith/Tara, Cordy/Faith, Cordy/Tara
Birds of Prey: Barbara/Helena, Helena/Dinah
The L Word: Dana/Alice
Cold Mountain: Ruby/Ada
Debs: Lucy/Amy

General Fandoms...
Rent, SVU, Harry Potter, Buffy, Weeds, Big Love, Dead Like Me, Sex & the City, Birds of Prey, China Beach, Gilmore Girls, DEBS, Wicked, Mary Tyler Moore, 3rd Rock...


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