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Femslash Heaven is a no-frills multifandom archive for femslash stories.

I confess to being a novice at navigating the waters of livejournal. I have other online homes, but I've set up camp here with the knowledge that livejournal is the lifeblood of internet fiction communities. Apologies for the lack of frills (such as snappy icons, flowery banners, stylistic pages, etc). I hope to make up for the plain atmosphere by playing host to great fic. Consider this the Jane Eyre of fic archives. This archive would probably have mousy brown hair and be described as plucky if it were a fic heroine.

With regard to what you'll find, mostly my own fic and occasionally recs to fic I read and think is amazing. I'm a writer and and voracious reader, particularly of rare pairings. Work that examines the real complexities between women in love, women in friendship and women exploring identity will be posted here. I have an admitted leaning toward darkfic, specifically fic that explores hurt/comfort dynamics. I write it myself, I love to read it other places. Genfic also makes the occasional appearance, only if it has a focus on female characters.

I hope you enjoy. Please do at some point comment, introduce yourself and rec fics to me, either yours or others that you love. I'm always looking for the next great read!

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